Tuesday, October 02, 2007

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to buy Vista Home Premium unless they have children. And only one computer.

All of the stuff you actually WANT from an operating system is in Vista Business.
Simple things like joining a domain. And backing up your PC. OK you don't get DVD maker, but any DVD you put into your box is going to have DVD writer software with it, and even if you have to buy a copy it's cheaper than an upgrade.

Having just got a laptop with Vista Home Premium on (a laptop note! This is the recommended system for a laptop, omfg!), I find I can't connect it to my home network. I cannot communicate with any other computer on the network despite a host of "really cool" features like meeting space, media centre, parental controls and DVD Maker. Smart huh?. Windows Home Premium easy connectivity is a palpable lie.

And Windows are wondering why people are staying away in droves? I'm going to be writing to them and telling them.

I mean, why in the world do they distinguish between home computers and business computers. That is like so last century. What about all those people who work at home? Their recommendation for home office, btw, is Home Premium. Bah, Humbug and a host of four letter obscenities!

Maybe it's time their marketing department entered the 21st century and made the distinction between leisure computing and work computing. That may give them a better idea of what to package in these artificially defined who-gets-what categories.

There is no low-cost upgrade path to Business. And I haven't seen a laptop with Vista Business on it. You have to upgrade to Ultimate or nothing. And that sets you back another 202 Euros. That's a lot of money per operating system. And it looks like sheer greed on Microsoft's part when you look at the offerings.

So am I going to be upgrading my two home office desktops to Vista? Or am I going to be joining the droves who are staying away? It's a no-brainer.


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