Friday, March 26, 2004

"Terrorism is good. Terrorism is great. Long live Terrorism!" Huh? That's the message the United Nations is sending me loud and clear today.

They want to condemn the killing of the leader of a militant terrorist group? A man who has not only masterminded the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children, but has brainwashed his own people into strapping bombs onto their bodies to cause these deaths? Much easier to send the young ones in than to do it yourself, hey?

So tell me, why is anyone bothering to hunt down the Spain bombers? Why don't we just get rid of this tiresome airport security once and for all and give the terrorists free reign of the skies? If it's cool to kill Jews, it's cool to kill anyone.

Get real. This is why terrorism has become such a major problem. As long as the terrorists were killing the people in countries with governments the West didn't like, they turned a blind eye. Suddenly it's in their back yard, and they're still being selective about who it's good to kill?? Maybe it's time to start deifying Al Qaeda instead of villifying them, at this rate. They have a cause, after all, even if the West doesn't like it, and it's the victors who write the history books.

Well, I don't want my family, friends and cats blown up by some maniac with a chip on his shoulder, no matter how noble his cause. My death isn't going to solve anyone's political problem, and neither is the death of kids in buses in Jerusalem or trains in Spain.

As long as the West condones terrorism of any kind, it's the terrorists who will win. I wonder if freedom and democracy aren't already in their death throes.