Sunday, April 11, 2004

When you go into a steakhouse, chances are you'll find a vegetarian platter offered on the menu. But if you go into a vegetarian restaurant, do they offer a meat platter option for non-vegetarians? Huh!

There's a large group of activist vegetarians who want the world to eat the way they do. Right now, in the US, there's a group running ads comparing meat-eaters to serial killers. Gimme a break.

I understand that some people thrive on a vegetarian diet. They're a minority, just like people who wear size 3 shoes. Most of us humans were designed to eat meat. The activists though, will tell you the opposite. We should eat nuts, fruits and vegetables because that's they way the early cavemen ate.

Are these guys stupid or do they just not read their history books? As it's apparently eating meat that made primitive man smart, I suppose I shouldn't ask that question.

For a start, the vegetarian cavemen died out. They didn't survive eating vegetables. Paranthropus Boisei was doggedly vegetarian. He developed huge jaws and strong teeth so he could gnaw through nuts and dandelion roots. Homo habilis lived alongside Paranthropus Boisei. He had small teeth and couldn't munch the stuff. But he discovered he could join the scavengers after a lion kill.

Meat is rich in nutrients, rich in calories, and easy to digest. Homo Habilis quickly discovered he didn't have to spend the whole day eating. Plus the calorie and nutrient fix from meat made his brain grow bigger. He grew smarter. He invented tools. He used the tools to crack open bones to get at the even more nutrient-rich marrow which help the brain grow even bigger.

All this time Paranthropus Boisei was spending his days foraging for vegetables which were becoming scarcer and scarcer. Homo Habilis was learning to adapt to the changing times, evolving.
Boisei didn't survive. Old Habilis did. You can read the full story at the website of one the world's most respected public broadcasters, the BBC.

Of course, there's another set of activists who would have you believe that there's no such thing as evolution. That we were created fully formed by the hand of God.

It doesn't really matter either way. Just remember that we were booted out of Eden for eating fruit, not meat.