Monday, July 05, 2004

Shame on you, David Blunkett!

I know you feel really proud you forced Humberside Chief Constable David Westwood out of his job. You wanted someone to blame for the Soham murders, and you found one.

Never mind that you don't actually allow the police to do their jobs. They are more handcuffed than the criminals they're supposed to track down. Already there's an outcry because the police are stopping and searching 300% more people, specifically Asians, in an attempt to prevent a terror attack in the UK.

When lose a coin in a dark street, it's no point looking under the lamppost for it. Not every Asian is an Al Qaeda terrorist, granted, but you tell us Al Qaeda is a Muslim group, and a lot of Asians are Muslims. Why stop and search Jews if you're looking for Al Qaeda?

And who are you going to blame when someone does blow up London? The Police Chief who bowed to public pressure and stopped looking for terrorists under every rock?

You forget, Mr Blunkett, that Ian Huntley was never convicted of any of the allegations brought against him. If he'd been refused employment on the basis of mere allegations, he could have sued and won.

And you would probably have forced Humberside Chief Constable David Westwood out of his job for actually trying to do it.