Wednesday, July 14, 2004

News of the day is that Shrub (as he is lovingly called by some in the US) has lost his battle to ban gay marriages.


I really don't see why marriage should be based on sexual preferences. We encourage heterosexuals to get married in order to produce sound, stable, loving homes as a basis for building a nation.

So why do we want to exclude anyone from that?

If you're against gay marriage, you're against a whole lot of things you never even thought about:


It makes as much sense to ban gay marriage as it does to ban marriage between people of different colours, or different religions, or even different nationalities.

Get real guys.

Remember that marriage as an expression of love is a very recent concept. Mostly, marriages have been arranged for political or financial purposes, and love has had nothing to do with it. You may as well go out and ban love as a basis for marriage if you want to get traditional. Just match up your newborn sons with other people's newborn daughters and see who comes out richest.

Pah! I spit on it!

Marriage is a serious business. It's not for quicky convenience, or a ticket to alimony, or a political or financial tool. If that's what marriage is these days, then ban all marriage.

Don't pick on the people who actually want a commitment. No matter who they are.