Tuesday, November 02, 2004

If you don't read Dutch newspapers, here's something you're unlikely to know about.

Today, a Dutch film director named Theo van Gogh, was shot dead in Amsterdam.

In the rest of the world, people get shot dead every day. This shooting has a particular significance.

Firstly, you must understand that the Dutch have an international reputation for tolerance. The drugs, the gays, all the stuff the tourists love about the country, stem from the inherent tolerance of the Dutch.

Today's shooting was an intolerant killing.

Theo van Gogh has just recently directed a movie about the bad things of Islam. How the word of God is distorted by the thoughts of men.

The person they arrested seems to be a dual nationality Dutch-Moroccan citizen. Eye witnesses say he was dressed as a Muslim.

It would seem once again we have religious fanatics discrediting the beliefs of the people they supposedly represent.

The Mayor of Amsterdam has organised a protest against the killing. A call to freedom of expression. I agree with him.

When you start killing people for your faith you have lost God. You have become a servant of Satan.