Monday, December 06, 2004

The weather here is horrible.

If you like grey, cold, windy days, this is the right place to get them. You can make yourself thoroughly miserable by taking a walk out. And if you're seriously masochist, take a walk out at Schevening Harbour. I'm not surprised the Expat store couldn't make it there; location! That wind! Urk.

The Hague is consistently colder than London. And wetter. In fact, here you get the weather you think you're going to get in London. In London, you get nice weather. Moderate temperatures. Blue skies. Surprised?

I'm sure there must be some decent weather here in The Hague, but I haven't met it yet. And it is definitely wet. Soggy. I had to vote in an election for the local water board. Without exception, the candidates all offered "dry feet" as an election promise.

The first time I've ever lived in a country where they had to manage too much water, not too little. I think they have five different words for canal. The one behind our house is a sloot, and that's to drain excess water I think. There is a steep slope leading down to it.

And it has broken its banks once already in the three months we've been here.

Coming to visit? Bring a good coat. Rainproof and windproof.