Thursday, April 14, 2005

I blinked and that was March gone. Half of April too.

In the meantime I have discovered that were I a greek goddess, I would be Hestia.

Maybe it's time to rediscover the hearth in me. Not too sure about my inner virgin though. Hestia is the Greek for Vesta, or was it the other way around?

Also in the meantime I played in a scrabble competition in Amstelveen. It was exactly as I expected: horrible. Scoring and tile tracking really do get in the way of play. Mostly my opponent had played another word before I had the score added and drawn new tiles. In one case, my opponent actually drew new tiles before I did. No, I didn't complain. I wasn't in the competition to win it, just to make up the residence numbers.

Probably worse because I was tired after three sleepless nights and had horrible racks. Even with a blank among my tiles for about ten moves, there was no seven letter word at all. I checked with Lexpert afterwards.

Anyway, see if you can do better. What words can YOU make with racks like these:
ILNNRR? AIIOOU? ANNRTW? (game 2. Remember to keep the blank for a seven letter word.)

I will curl up on my inner hearth while you figure it out. Quite frankly, I'll do better playing in Rumanian.