Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Christmas last year was ruined for me by the Politicially Correct League.

The argument was that Christmas excludes the people who aren't Christian, and in a secular society, that is not good. So they insisted on wishing me Happy Holidays. Except being in the Netherlands, we didn't have holidays like they do in the US. We has Christmas and Boxing day, being Saturday and Sunday, and NO holidays on Monday and Tuesday.

Why not just wish me Happy Christmas? That is, after all, what it is called on the calendar. And if you're not happy about Christmas, you don't have to celebrate it. In South Africa, which has a reputation for racism, intolerance and a whole lot of other nasty words, the Jews and the Muslims step in over Christmas and keep public services running. And the Christians do likewise during their important holidays to give them the time off.

In the so-called "free" and "democratic" societies that complain about Christmas excluding the Jews and the Muslims, the place shuts down. It's a religious holiday that everyone takes, no matter what their religion. Try taking public transport on Christmas day in London if you don't understand what I'm on about.

If there truly is a problem with allowing a Christian holiday on a public calendar, then take it off. Remove the holiday. Why should the Politically Correct League get to celebrate Christmas holidays anyway if they find them so offensive. If they're Christian, they can take leave just like everyone else has to do.

You want a holiday in the depths of winter to relieve the gloom and lack of light? Why does it have to be December 25th? That's purely a symbolic date anyway. Everyone knows Jesus was actually born in September. Pick a date, any date, and call it Politically Correct Day.

It's not a holiday I would choose to celebrate. The politically correct are emasculating society and opening it to invasion by those who have real causes that will never be politically correct in a million years. Extremists of any kind have no truck with political correctness and will use the very openness it is supposed to offer in order to close society down and make life miserable for everyone.

A thief is a thief no matter what their sex, colour, religion or motive. Likewise a murderer. These are facts we can ignore on Politically Correct Day and hand the world over to the forces of evil. At least then we'll all know where we stand.