Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Dutch have the right attitutude about a lot of things, I think. For example, chocolate. Here, in the Netherlands, chocolate is something you eat on your sandwich. It is a basic food group, after all, and the Dutch embrace that concept wholeheartedly.

I know we used to get chocolate spread back in South Africa. But this was not a regular thing, and certainly didn't occupy an entire section of the supermarket, maybe just a small section on one shelf along with the jam.

Here, chocolate sandwiches are a major industry. There are chocolate curls, and chocolate sprinkles. You can have dark, milk, white, or mixed. You have a selection of brands. The variety in spreads is even larger, as besides your favourite kind of chocolate, you also get to choose to include your favourite nuts.

I will admit to buying both chocolate curls and chocolate sprinkles, though I've used them mainly as decorations on desserts. I haven't yet tried the famous Dutch Chocolate Sandwich. Firstly I don't do a lot of bread. And secondly, there are no instructions on the packets on how to make the perfect sandwich.

Do you butter the bread? Do you use the chocolate or chocolate/nut mix as a solitary ingredient?
Is a chocolate mayonnaise sandwich an option? Or chicken and chocolate on rye? Speaking of which, does white chocolate go better with white bread or pumpernickel?

I may have to dedicate my meagre bread ration to experimenting, rather than wasting it on toast for my egg at breakfast.

Hang on. Maybe I can start a new trend and sprinkle chocolate on my oats.