Saturday, July 23, 2005

While I've won the lottery on several occasions, it's never been more than ten pounds at a time. I suppose I could spring to a couple of beers with this windfall, but usually I plough it back in, hoping for the big win. The first prize. The cheque for millions.

What would I spend it on? Not a bigger house, or a fancy car.

The first is Karl Jenkins' Christmas Oratorio. I even have a great name for it: Adoremus. I have sent him email about writing such a work, but I received a polite note back from someone called Helen that it wasn't under consideration at the moment.

If he's not going to do it himself, I suppose I will have to commission it. But I don't think £10 will quite cut the fee. I don't think it covers the cost of even one of his CDs. Amazon tells me there is an Adiemus 5 I know nothing about, and I don't even have Palladio yet. Sigh.

But let's not ignore popular music and giving some complete unknowns a leg up in life. I've been doing a website for Jonathan Carr , who is a writer, songwriter and singer and creatively very exciting. I think the three songs that would put him in the limelight are his For Sex, Homosexual Boy and Primitive Bitch. He hasn't had the wherewithall to take these beyond demo stage, so with my newfound millions I would get those recorded and onto a CD along with some of my other favourites. I particularly like Listen and Get your Fame Dirty.

Then I'd like to give myself some peace of mind. Knowing I have money to live on, and retire on, I would settle down and write my Redemption heptology without worrying about anything.

And finally I'd have to speak to Club Med about this new Retirement Village concept they don't know about yet. I'm sure I'd have to put up some kind of financing for that, even if just to secure my own unit at this early stage.

I will be one of those quiet millionaire next door types. Maybe I'll splash out on a couple of new clothes; I do need some. I might even do up the kitchen and buy some new pots.

But you won't notice anything. Except for a really nice Christmas oratorio with shades of Adiemus, Mass for the Armed Man, Palladio and Crossing the Stone in the harmonies. Some new vibes on your local pop station. And Club Med advertisements for their new retirement villages in the sun.


So how will you spend your win?