Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The World Scrabble Championships take place in London from 16th to 20th November this year. Well, that's the theory.

As things currently stand, qualifying countries can't all send their participants. An ickle little legal matter about visas. Nigeria has managed to get visas so far for two of its three qualifying players. Kenya hasn't managed any, and at this stage are thinking about sending anyone who even knows what a scrabble board looks like provided they can only get a visa. Otherwise, of course, they lose their slots for the next world championship.

Tony Blair, are you listening? I recall you were the one going on about how wonderful it was that London landed the Olympics bid for 2012. Are you planning on getting all the gold medals for the UK by refusing visas to qualifying participants?

If London can't run even a World Scrabble Championship because the participants can't get visas, it's going to be a pretty poor Olympics, methinks.