Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thousands of Muslims protested in central London on Saturday to express their anger over the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.... The cartoons were first published in September in a Danish newspaper and were then reprinted by papers in other countries but not Britain... but a smaller demonstration in front of the Danish embassy earlier in the month provoked outrage as masked men called for those who insulted Islam to be beheaded.

Can someone explain this to me? The cartoons were not published in Britain, so the British Muslims never saw them. Yet they protest anyway. And in February, months after the publication in September.

To me it looks like manipulation. I think these cartoons are being used to whip up anti-West frenzy. The behaviour of the Muslims in London certainly supports this.

Muslims protesting angrily in Muslim countries I can understand. Muslims in Muslim countries demanding that the perpretators be beheaded, I can understand.

But Muslims in the free world behaving as though they live under Muslim law, I can't understand. What are they doing in London then? And how many of these protesters are natural-born English? I suspect the vast majority are asylum seekers, or the children of asylum seekers, seeking a better and freer life.

Freedom of speech does mean cheap insults. And everyone gets insulted, not just the Muslims. You just have to look at the politicians in England if you want cheap insults, though I have yet to understand how pitting cheap insults at your political opponents is going to get you more votes.

I haven't seen these cartoons, and I have no idea how insulting they are. But from what I read in the news, it seems just drawing the prophet Mohammed is insulting. How intolerant is that?

The issue of course, is not religious at all. It's a question of power. Man has always imposed his wishes and his demands upon the word of God, and called it religion. And wielded religion to further his power. (Usually also to subjugate women, but that is another story.)

So the question in my mind is, what is really behind these protests? Anti-West frenzy I can see, but why? And I think the answer is ugly.