Friday, May 12, 2006

If I could just actually manage to finish my Redemption novel, I'd be very tempted to try my hand at crime stories.

A while back I posted about the mysterious slayings of the underworld kingpins, certainly wonderful material for a story.

Here's possibly an even better one.

On Wednesday, in Amsterdam, a young man of 24 was seriously wounded in a shooting. someone called an ambulance, but when it arrived the victim had vanished! It seems someone tried to take him away in a car, but accidentally crashed and then abandoned the guy. Another ambulance managed to find him.

Then yesterday, in Oosterbeek, people heard a gunshot and saw a young man in his car with a blood-stained cloth pressed to head. Once again, someone called an ambulance, and once again when it arrived the guy had disappeared!

What's going on? Doesn't that just fire up your creative imagination? Don't you get an urge to write a novel about it?