Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It was so nice last year we're back again. Club Med, Palmiye Bodrum, Tureky.

The flight was delayed so we arrived around 2 am Sunday morning. Too late even, for Club Med, I fear. We were met by a familiar face, Levent, who bundled us off to our room post haste.

Needless to say, day one was largely spent sleeping in the sun (morning) and in the shade (afternoon) though I did manage a swim. The water was so cold it took my breath away.

We're now on day three, and thanks to Clarins auto bronzing aftersun, I'm bluffing my way through a tan as successfully as I bluff my way through Dutch.

Yesterday I swam in the afternoon, and the water was less icy. A lesson to be learned there, I think. Today, it was the pool. I've brought my videocam so I'll edit these blogs when I get back and add photos.

Today I read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at last. Disappointing. Tomorrow? Who knows.