Monday, August 14, 2006

Summer was wonderful for the kitten. As he grew up, the days got longer and brighter and dryer. I'm sure he was convinced this was all part of becoming cat, and once you were fully grown, that's how life was always going to be!

He settled in nicely. He learned where he lived and he learned his name. A shout of "Evvi" into the garden would bring him inside within minutes.

He learned to hunt. Birds fascinated him, but he brought home a couple of mice too. I wonder where he found those? And he would have long naps in strange alien poses. A happier kitten would be hard to find.

Then on Saturday 5 August, he didn't come upstairs after breakfast as he usually does, to be brushed and play scrabble.
(His version of the game was trying to swat the tile in mid-air and chase it around the room.) He wasn't around when I went to gym at 8am and I didn't call him because he always tries to follow me!

He still wasn't around when I got home and didn't come when he was called. Strange. He's a hungry, growing boy and wants to eat every couple of hours.

By lunchtime we were worried and by nightfall we were frantic. If he was locked in someone's garage, then it wasn't just for the day. Next morning I went calling around, but no frantic meows from behind any of the doors. He had just simply vanished.

I stuffed neighbour's postboxes with leaflets, and put up a sign at the shops. Several people called to say they had seen him (liars!) but still nothing. One person said I should phone the Asiel, but when I looked in the Yellow Pages there was nothing in Rijswijk. However, there was a place called Katvinder, which claimed to be a central point for missing and found cats.

I called them and left a message. Then I looked at their website. On 6 August, a grey and beige cat found, a long way from home, on the busiest road in Rijswijk. It sounded a lot like Evvi.

On Friday evening we went along to identify the body. Yes, it was him. He'll never find out that the nights grow longer and the days get colder and wetter, year in an year out.

I really don't believe he woke up and suddenly decided to go exploring instead of playing with his big cats. Especially as he came to wake us up. Especially as it was a Saturday, when we lounge around for a long time. So what happened? None of the neighbours have complained about him, and those that are anti-cat have catwatch units in their gardens, supplied by me.

Still, I suspect foul play. And I have a prime suspect too. It will be interesting to see what karma has to show in the coming year.