Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Every since I got my blog back, I've done nothing about blogging. Seems to me even the slightest obstacle (wow look at that word, do you think you would ever unscramble it for Scrabble®) seems to end up with nothing being done.

Or is just the trend for 2006? The year that nothing happened?

Let's think back. Of our list of things to do, what happened? We wanted to move into the upstairs bedroom and move the study into the middle floor bedroom and have two guest bedroom on the middle floor. This was mainly for the benefit of Paul's mum, who has been having trouble with stairs. As it turned out, she decided not to visit, so nothing happened there.

We put in a skylight, because we wanted more light in the bedroom. That happened. I asked for a quote for lightspots for light in the bathroom, what will become the dressing room, and the landing. That was June. I haven't had the quote yet, despite asking for it three times. So nothing happened there.

I got the guy who did the middle and downstairs bathrooms to come in so that he could quote me on doing something similar to the top bathroom. I haven't heard from him again, so nothing has happened.

Then in August we had the rain that flooded the sewing room. So I moved everything out into the bedroom that has two walls painted. The plumber did a temporary fix, and gave me a quote on doing a permanent one. However, he won't make a time to come and do the permanent fix. I can't move anything back into the sewing room, because last time I did that we had another shower that drenched the ironing board again. It usually lives just under the leak, and there's nowhere else for it to go. So I can't finish painting the room. And nothing is happening about fixing the leak.

As I can't finish painting, there's no point ordering the wooden flooring I want to put in. So more nothing.

And then there was the kitchen. I got a man to quote on a revamp before we went on holiday in May. He gave me his quote the next day, I guess because I said I only wanted it in two weeks time when I got back from holiday. That was just for the kitchen and not for the fitting, so I got his fitting guys to come in and quote on the fitting. I never heard from them for two weeks, so I phoned the kitchen guy and they then sent me a quote a week later. In the meantime I had been to the bank to arrange finance. The fitting quote was about double what the kitchen guy had estimated so now I had to think. There's lots to do in the house.

Then I began wondering if I wanted to spend that amount of money on the kitchen. I think not.
So I've done nothing more, not even looking at alternative solutions.

So nothing has happened. Still the same unsatisfactory cooking arrangements. Still this fancy new fridge not plumbed in to give us ice, and the winter is arriving and we won't need much ice.

Yes, winter is arriving, so the days are getting shorter and shorter. And the shorter the days get, the less I can do in them. So from now until next spring, I guess nothing more will happen.