Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Molehills turn into mountains with no real effort on anybody's part.

Last week I bought a new electric blanket, because the one we have only works on one side, and it's not mine. Today I thought I would quickly install it.

First I had to uninstall the old one, which is tied onto the bed. I didn't want to just snip the cords, because even half an electric blanket can be useful for a cold visitor. It's very difficult to move a double-bed mattress single-handedly but I managed to turn it over to do the necessary. Also good to turn the mattress every so often, though possibly every five years or so is pushing it.

Anyway, during the uninstallation, I noticed that the plugs on the blanket are still South African. And we had a South African adaptor plugged into the three-way multiplug, which is plugged into another three-way multiplug, which is plugged into another three-way multiplug. Now this posed a small problem, because that left one socket free for the two European plugs for the dual controls of the new electric blanket.

Now, some months ago, we bought a fancy power skirting kit destined for the study. This has never been installed, because we were going to do it when the study moved into the bedroom, when we moved upstairs, which hasn't happened for reasons I won't go into here.

So I went and looked at all the multiplugs in the study, and decided that if I were to install the power skirting in the study as it is, then I would have a suitable multiplug for the bedroom and also reduce the number of three-way adaptors.

So I had to unplug two computers, various peripherals, two printers, link up the skirting options and replug everything, doing a long overdue cable tidy-up in the process. However, the operation did get a lot of stuff moved, and in addition to finding some long-lost stuff, I also uncovered two years of dust bunnies that have been hiding amongst the cable and computer pieces debris, so a major vacuum will shortly be in order.

Anyway, it's nearly two hours down the line, and I still don't have the electric blanket installed. It was just a little molehill to start, and is now a smallish mountain.