Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well so far, so good.

Blogger has been trying to get me to move across to their Google version for some time now, and after the last fiasco I have been steadily refusing.

However, it does not pay to be too resistant to technology changes because they will eventually be forced upon you.

Examples that spring to mind are the Music Industry for one, who are desperately fighting a losing battle against the emergence of new lines of supply for music. There was a news report recently about an unsigned group hitting the top 40. I gather they mostly sell their music through MySpace.

(Everyone keeps telling me I need a MySpace page. I've been resisting that too. I've made it onto YouTube and have exactly one video. But MySpace? Or am I just being old and inflexible?)

The book industry is another that hasn't cottoned onto technology yet. Collins are desperately trying to find ways of encrypting their electronic word list for Scrabble® to prevent it falling into the hands of normal people. Flow with the technology guy, make the electronic list available and SELL IT!

Right, so I'm taking my own advice and have now moved to the Google version of Blogger. This time it all seemed to stay intact. My blogs are still here and I can post my normal gripe.

Next stop MySpace?