Monday, March 12, 2007

One of the things I hate about ClassicFM is the advertising.

They play such lovely music, and then go to great lengths to drive you to the point of switching off with boring, repetitive, unimaginative advertising.

It's not just the advertising that pays for the station that is so dire. Even their own advertising is an instant turn-off.

I guess advertising is a lost art. It died with the advent of the internet. Now everyone has a medium, and who could be bothered with saying anything in a manner that attracts attention as long as you can reach the inbox? Target markets no longer exist. You don't have to be able to spell the product name. Nor does your message even have to make sense. Today's inbox grabber, entitled Gain 3 inches in length (note lack of target marketing), contains the following copy: part jejune greene bitch parley cereus rabbi fahey accuse.

Well, I'm not even going to read this rubbish. But what is sad is that this attitude seems to have leaked from spam into other media as well.

Unfortunately the radio has no delete key, nor a button to report it as crap.

But it does make me wonder how any manufacturer who has something which will interest me, will ever attract my attention now.