Saturday, May 12, 2007

So here we are at Club med El Gouna. I'm kinda glad Paul's mom decided not to join us, as we would have gone to Bodrum again. This place is worth a repeat visit, and I've only bben here 2 days. We arrive late on Thursday, 10 pm, but got dinner. They kept the dining room open for us, how sweet.

It's the first Club Med I've been in with a lift. We're in room 910, on the top floor, with a fabulous view.

There is no beach. The desert goes up to the water's edge. The place is warm, at 27N10 it should be! After a day and a half of snoring in the sun and shade, we decided to go snorkelling. There was a stiff wind, choppy water, and viz was not great. We'll try again when conditions are better.

Tonight Paul will find out about his sailing course and then we'll investigate diving.

So far the food is not bad but not great. However, there is plenty of it and I think you can find something to eat 18 hours out of 24. Breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, late lunch, afternoon tea, pre-dinner snacks and dinner.