Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Liam Sternberg and The Bangles got it wrong. There's really nothing terribly interesting about the way Egyptians walk. If you want to walk like one, just put your head up, your shoulders back, and one foot in front of the other just like anybody else would. Dancing however, is quite another matter!

So tomorrow's our last day here. It's been hot. The thermometer by the pool registers 42 degrees. The sea, at 29.4, is warmer than Amsterdam. It's been either flat calm or too windy to sail, so Paul is a little frustrated. Never mind, we've been lying in the shade listening to lots of books and drinking gallons of water.

And of course, eating three cubic meals a day. Mostly we don't need the pre-meal or post-meal snacks. I think I forgot to mention there's pre-lunch as well. Anyway, I've been filming so you'll be able to see Egyptians walking quite normally and lots of interesting food on YouTube quite soon, as well as kitesurfing and a whirling dervish.