Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's a month! Have you come back to find out how I'm doing on this anti-Heathrow Injection programme?

Well, it's been cold here. Snowing in fact. Temperatures outside below freezing, and I've had to go out in that weather, in clothes that aren't quite warm enough.

Plus it's the middle of winter. The days are at their shortest and darkest, and the nights are at their longest.

This is a surefire recipe for climate-induced weight gain.

Well, I'm 4 kilograms lighter, and my body fat has dropped one percentage point.

I'm not sure where the weight is going from. My face is noticeably thinner, and my belly feels flatter, but none of my clothes are loose yet, and even my E-cup bra is still well-filled. Patience. Patience.

Weight loss did slow when the weather turned so cold. Well, it stopped altogether. But it did remain constant.

So far so good.

I'm not taking the daytime dose of the metformin because it causes me to lose my appetite entirely. I just take it when I need to skip lunch because I'm busy. I think from today I'll try a half dose and start working up, same as I did with the bedtime dose.

The diet has been OK, though I can't eat nearly enough of the recommended volumes. I think she's put together quantities for a six foot seven Dutchman and not a five foot three me. You can read more about the diet here.

I'm thinking of starting a group or forum for Heathrow Injection sufferers so we can explore the mechanics of a solution in depth. I'll post a link when it's set up.